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The passing moments
Not one picture lasts forever
It’s all about light

I am a Hungarian born landscape photographer. I have been involved with nature photography since 2004.

Since I finished high school, my life has revolved around photography and finding freedom. This is how photography and traveling became my greatest inspirations in my life. 

I love making connections with people and I love to find amazing landscapes and places. However, I am not good at photographing people, and never have been. My main profile has always been centered around nature.

Recently, my photography started to change into something that I feel is the closest to me. I made a journey back to the roots. Black and white film photography. I have written a post about this evolution on my blog.

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On trees

The simple beauty inspires me to make photos. That connectedness of life whats around me. It gives me the opportunity to wander, to examine this life. To have a deeper insight through just watching it.

I've always felt connected with the natural world that is all around me, from animals to plants. The strongest connection I feel, is when I am traveling through the many forests of this world.

It is there that I really feel how interconnected everything is in life. That is what I also try to show in my pictures.

Individual trees have always been symbols of connection with heaven and earth, but in chaotic jungles this meaning reaches a different level. If you pay attention, there is always an order in chaos too. 

My photography is about trees, forests and connection.

I have a big list of forests and trees that I would love to capture. I am determined to travel all around the world for the trees. It is a project that will probably last for a lifetime.

On black and white

These days, I shoot solely on black and white film, with medium or large format camera.

Black and white photography is important to me because the colourless world keep my mind calm. I realised after a 10 days long meditation course that colour photography evokes a loads of feeling. But in the same time the mind instantly knows whats in the picture. With black and white, I felt my mind stayed calm and relaxed looking at the pictures. But in the same time it also made me think. The mind has to interpret the picture. I feel like it is really important aspect. Especially in this world where we encounter with thousands of flashing colourful images every day. 

If anyone needs any advice of long term traveling and photography, together feel free to write:) I am more than happy to help.