Zero inspiration

My website, my social media and also myself had been in silence for months. I have been pretty down in the deepest valleys of myself. You know… Something like when you deeply feel the impermanence of all the things around you. And all the things you do, feels aimless an useless. 

When you have so enough of everything you feel like the only thing you can do is to sit in zazen, but even siting in meditation is total suffering.

In this state of mind you are not inspired at all, you can’t create. 
Still now I have no idea where I am heading. No future, no plans. Photography? Who knows… Maybe...

The only thing I can do is to sit.

enzo 002.png



I haven't been here for a while. I was so busy recently. Finally my dream comes true, and I become a photography tour guide. I will guide tours all over the world. :) It's only in Hungarian yet, but soon I will upload everything here also in english. Meanwhile I got some new toys. These Instax cameras are really fun. By the end of the month I will do some more serious photography project, and I will visit Scotland for a few weeks. Stay tuned! 


Light on the mountain


It was a magical day. I woke up early. The night was still on. As I walked upwards on the mountain’s side, the sky started to clear up. I already knew where I wanted to witness the sunrise, high above the clouds. 

Even after the sunrise I was stunned for hours by the beautiful game of lights and the frozen forest. After I filled myself with sunshine, I walked back down into the grey ocean of clouds. Soon I was greeted by the frozen creatures of the under cloud world. It was a great day.


Autumn is here

The autumn is here. Nights are getting really cold. I don't have too much time for photography. I am movign in a small wooden house, near a forest what will be totally off the grid. I need to be close to nature to find inspiration in life, in photography. I hope next month i can post some better pictures.


Cameron Highlands

I had the luck to discover this beautiful place together with my good friend, and fellow photographer Sanjitpaal Singh and his biologist wife Ravinder Kaur. Probably this is the last place what I have time to visit in Malaysia. I am heading back home soon. Good times again. Malaysia is still one of my favorite destination. More photos on Facebook or Instagram.


Touched by the jungle

Every time i visit a jungle i am deeply touched by it. The smells and sounds. The amount of life thriving all around me. The chaotic connection of life all around. Human mind hardly can grasp it. It touches something much deeper. Primeval state of mind. Serenity. It pulls me in. Come, stay here forever...

More pictures on Facebook or Instagram. 


Changes in the plan

I had to make a few changes in my plans. Right now, it seems like I won't have the money to go to Japan. So i decided I will just look around in some jungles in Malaysia, and after I will heading home. I had the most important parts of my travel, so no space for dissapointment:) 

Zhangjiajie mountains

Zhangjiajie. Breathtaking tablemountains, what gave inspiration for so many chinese arts. Paintings and poetry.

More recently it was also the inspiration of the floating mountains in James Cameron's Avatar movie. The chinese tourist industry didn't need any more... All around the park, hotels are popping out from nowhere and the prices are skyrocketing...

More pictures on Facebook or Instagram.


The sea of bamboo

Shunan Zuhai. A vast bamboo forest near the border of Sichuan province. These bamboo forests, are one of my favorite places on Earth. You can just sit for hours, listening the wind, as it brushes the seren bamboo sea around you. Sweet smell of wet soil and leaves. Frogs, and cicadas giving concert every day. The peace in these bamboo forests is palpable. Peace of mind. 

More pictures on Facebook or Instagram. 


Jiuzhaigou - China

The first stop in China is Jiuzhaigou national park. The colors and the place is absolutely mindblowing. But the endless flood of chinese tourists can ruin the whole experience. I would recommend to everyone to stay in a homestay inside the park for the night, and in the early morning you can look around peacefully. More pictures on my Facebook or Instagram page.


Personal (r)evolutions in photography


Lets' celebrate my new website with an overview of my photographic journey. From the beginning until now. 


In the same time I also wanted to shoot highest possible quality. But I never had the money for a medium format back, so I stayed with film. I also feel like its a more poetic medium. This is the current state. On this website you can see my recent works.

However I always try to keep in mind the only constant thing in the world, is actually change. So who knows what is next. In me, in my photography. I am waiting curiously.